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Corporate Security & Executives Protection Testimonials

"Thank you for coming to Colorado and presenting a very informative and insightful training on Violence Management. We are using your outline to be proactive, avoid situation and to able to meet the challenge if it ever occurs. I would be happy to recommend this training to other agencies".
– Vickie L. Armstrong, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

“Thank you for your on-going efforts in keeping our school safe…The violence management, personal safety and emergency response training you provided to our staff and high school students were very well received…We would recommend your services to all schools, public and private alike.”
– Derek Gavshon, Head of School, Tarbut V’Torah Elementary, Middle and High School

“Our school received a Homeland Security Grant based on the security analysis and report that you drafted. Thanks to the outstanding work that you did putting together our entire security system, our academy is a much stronger and more secure school environment.”
– Rabbi Yitzehok Newman, Dean, Hebrew Academy

"Our management staff was very attentive and ready to implement your training to improve our security posture. We were especially interested in the thorough contingency planning for a wide range of emergencies" – Joseph Jerger, President - Space Vector Corp.

"You have designed the most functional security system we ever had. Everything from internal security measures and access control to the protection of proprietary information works together very effectively. Your accurate assessment of our security needs and the comprehensive security solutions you provided have had direct implications on the well being of our company."
– Micky Dhillon, President - Main Street Trading Company

“Thank you so much for speaking at the symposium, “Terrorism: Its Forms, Causes, and Potential Remedies”…You are a wonderful speaker.” 
– Alice M. Parsons, Programs Manager, University of California, Irvine

Personal Safety & Terrorism Survival Testimonials

“Your training was extremely valuable and well-received by our mental health and law enforcement participants. The technical and practical skills you taught our staff will significantly improve their safety and effectiveness in difficult situations.” – Tony Beliz, Ph.D. Deputy Director and Marvin J. Southard, D.S.W. Director of Mental Health – Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

"Thank "Here is your chance to invest in something that really matters. Considering what you gain, the cost is minimal. It's a one time investment that can literally save the lives of you and your family members. I am thankful we had the chance to train with Alon. I am urging anyone I know to take this course." – Ken Roberts, Chairman - The Ken Roberts Company

"The concept of Hisardut (Hisardut®-Israel Survival System) is truly a paradigm and has completely changed my perspective of personal protection." – James McCormick the 3rd, TX.

"Hisardut improves on traditional martial arts so much that its sets it in a class by itself and creates a new standard of realism and practicality. One of the main reasons I find Hisardut so effective is that its focus IS survival and everything that has to do with survival, which is a heck of a lot more than just fighting. It is by far the most practical system I have ever seen." -
– Dr. Shani Robins, Ph.D. University of California, San Diego

"Alon knows how to get right to the point, his unique teaching style eliminates any superfluous and peripheral moves." - Marty Kove, Actor, Martial Artist (Karate Kid, Rambo 2, Mercenary).

"The travel safety and personal protection training you offer are simply the best. I would continue to recommend your services to corporate executives and business associates worldwide."
– Michael Mendelsohn, VP. Entertainment Finance Group – Bank Paribas

“I'm glad you posted this Last Resort Active Shooter Survival video, because I had no idea what to do if I ever had to fight, unarmed, against an active shooter. I'm passing this on to the head of the school's safety department...” – on ArizonaShooting.com

“I would love to see this become a program used in schools across the nation.” - on AR15.com
“Every school in the state should be doing this as often as or more often than fire drills.”
– on InGunOwner.com

“Taking this course will enable these students to defend themselves and their classmates so I'm 100% all for it!” - on AnArtistInMe.com

“Some excellent advice for unarmed defense in an active Shooter situation, it’s a must see.”
– on Arboristsite.com

"Sent it [ACTCert.com, YouTube Video] to everyone I know. If you have not talked to your kids about this, and I have, as early as Kindergarten, maybe First Grade, you are behind the curve."
– Glock, Thisbluemarble.com

"In some jurisdictions, people are regularly told that if they encounter a gunman they should "do what he says" and "not resist". This is typically what a cop would tell an audience of civilians. Bad advice in some circumstances, of course. What they mean is that, statistically, it's better to just give a mugger your wallet than try to get away. But an active shooter situation is much different than a street mugger. That's why a video like this is so valuable. Every high school should take the 8minutes to show this video [ACTCert.com, YouTube Video] to the kids during auditorium now and then."
– DrReynods, Thisbluemarble.com

"I've posted this on a few boards and sent it to everyone I know."
– Jackpine Savage, Thisbluemarble.com

"Some excellent advice for unarmed defense in an active shooter situation, it's a must see."
– Cornbread, Arboristsite.com

"This is a great demonstration of what to do when someone is an active shooter (YouTube Video).
I was really surprised at how easy it was for the two female students to take a guy down. I've been in situations where someone is terrorizing a group (not with a gun) and the lag time for people to react is really harmful. People stand there in shock because they've never experienced something like this. Taking this course will enable students to defend themselves and their classmates so I'm 100% for it!"
– Enjoypb, DotaTube.com and AnArtistInMe.com

"I'm glad you posted this video, because I had no idea what to do if I ever had to fight, unarmed, against an active shooter. I'm passing this on to the head of the school's safety department."
– Drummingchevy, ArizonaShooting.com

"Good video. You can be damned sure armed or not, I won't go down without fighting."
– Yaish, AR15.com

"Seems like a good program with some very valuable lessons. I would love to see this become a program used in schools across the nation." – Oldman T, AR15.com

"THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO and SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE with others. I think empowering people with this knowledge and skill is absolutely brilliant! I do not want to sit at a desk and wait to be a target. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
– Suzi Carragher CSUF Alumna, 1993

“This [active shooter] workshop…was well-received by the diverse group of participants that included educators and police officers from throughout Los Angeles County’s schools and police departments…I found the training to be effective in teaching participants numerous life-affirming skills…to address the challenges of school violence in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner…please accept our highest commendation for your great noble work in helping to make our local schools safe and successful learning environments.”
– Gus Frias, Coordinator of School Safety Programs, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Law Enforcement Testimonials

"Thank you for the service you have provided to me by training a member of my staff. He now feels more confident in performing his duties as my personal security." - Scott McInnis, Member of Congress

"I continue to receive positive feedback from our supervisors and officers currently in the program. They report that there is no comparison. Your Tactical Threat Control method is an effective alternative to the traditional martial arts and defensive tactics methods still taught in most police academies..."
– David L. Snowden, Chief of Police - Costa Mesa Police Department

Thank you for the excellent training you provided for seven law enforcement agencies in Colorado last September. I have received positive feedback from the officers and the general consensus was that all police officers should receive this training. The SWAT Team leader was so enthusiastic that he is hopeful to having you back to instruct the rest of the team members. The offices of the Palisade Police Department came away with a very confident attitude, and feel that they are more prepared to respond to terrorism in general, but especially in school environments..."
– Carroll Quarles, Chief - Palisade Police Department

"Thank you for helping us understand ways to protect ourselves when working with violent offenders."– Janet Warren, Associate Professor - Institute of Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy, University of Virginia.

"Hisardut and the Tactical Threat Control method has prevented more fights and injuries than if I were 6'4 and weighed 280 lbs... The confidence your teaching gave me has prevented at least 2 deaths, where lethal force was more than justified but not needed because I knew my options and capabilities." – Eric Weisner - CM PD SWAT Sniper/Counter Sniper

"Your breadth of knowledge of terrorist activities, combined with your real life experience, made for a very interesting and informative terrorism symposium."
– Dale June, Professor of Criminal Justice - National University

"It taught me simple, easy to learn and use tactics that got results fast. Your instructor is very knowledgeable and obviously experienced in combat." - Chris Jensen, OC Sheriff Department

"Regardless of your prior level of training this course is guaranteed to improve your firearm skills."
– Tony C. CA Probation Officer.

"A lot of people can show you how to strike, cut, or blast another person. But instructors like Alon who can teach you how to think in combat are a rare breed." – L. Armstrong, NRA Regional Counselor, CO.

"Hisardut works on the streets where things can happen quickly and sudden violence tends to be explosive... I have never worked with a better teacher than Alon." – Sgt. Burt Santee, CM PD.

Best tactical training I had in 22 years of law enforcement."
– Patrol Sgt. Roy Kinney - Rio Blanco County Sheriff.

I feel better equipped to do my job as a result of your training"
– Sgt. Anthony Mazzola - Rio Blanco County Sheriff Department.

Your program should be taught in every law enforcement academy."
– Officer Rachel Luchco - Meeker Police Department.

Best shooting / Active Shooter Response class I have ever attended."
– Vince Wilczek, Chief of Police - Rangely Police Department.

"The entire course material was relevant and transferable. It taught me some of the best flashlight techniques I have ever tried" – Art Smith MCSD SWAT / Firearm Instructor.

"The training was very realistic. The instructor was very, very knowledgeable."
– Jim Rewald, Deputy, Los Angeles Sheriff Department.

“Absolutely the best thing (ACTCert.com, YouTube Video) I have seen! This should be mandatory training in every school! – Officer Ronda Rogers, Pembroke Police Department

"The course taught effective survival techniques that addresses real situations. This program should be taught to all law enforcement." – Sgt. Donna Dougherty, Mesa County Sheriff Department.

"Your arrest & control and defensive tactics can be use on the job everyday and should be taught to every profession that has to deal with combative, resistive and out of control persons."
– Lt. Laurie Galvin, Professional Standards Training, Mesa County Sheriff Department.

Military Special Operations Testimonials

“I have known Mr. Stivi for quite some time and recognize him to be an individual with integrity, as well as a superb martial arts instructor. He has worked with me training SEAL Team platoons in Close Quarter Battle and numerous Police SWAT units in high-risk entry procedures.” – Ken J. Good, Co-founder, Combative Concepts (Coronado, CA)

"It is always more beneficial to hear of weaknesses from an expert and there was probably no one more qualified to have been our tactical evaluator. We look forward to opportunities to learn from your hostage and counter terrorism expertise."
– Paul M. Valentine, Resident Agent in Charge - Naval Investigative Service, Long Beach

"Your system appears to be the most effective approach to street survival and overcoming an obstacle in a confrontation." – Alan Burghard, Special Agent, Naval Investigative Services.

"The most frequent participant comments to your workshop were the desire for a longer presentation, and the superiority of your training to the previous seminars." – David A. Nieman, Ph.D. USMC

“Intensely focused, disciplined, and seasoned professional...Empowering team leader known for getting the job done in the world of security involving preemptive-defensive measures, crisis decision-making, and asset protection.” – Colonel G.I. Wilson, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)


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