Staff Qualification

All of the key individuals guiding our company have repeatedly proven that they have the confidence, experience and expertise to compete against higher profile firms. Our management team has a track record of providing extraordinary services to the military and law enforcement communities as well as to large and small businesses, celebrities, select individuals, and their families. We have extensive experience in assessing and countering threats with cost-effective programs and have successfully completed some of the most complicated assignments in the field.

We are proud of our success and reputation for consistently delivering results of the highest quality - on time and within the clients' guidelines - and of the pioneering contributions we have made in the fields of security and counter terrorism.

Our staff embodies a combination of talent that integrates the formidable operational experience of American, Israeli and other Allied Nations Special Forces operators, tactical law enforcement officers, security and intelligence specialists. For support in key locations, we draw upon an extensive network of highly skilled and trusted professionals throughout the world.

The experience of our staff includes:

1. Protecting and saving the lives of world leaders, celebrities, and top business and political figures.

2. Gathering, analyzing, and disseminating critical information for use by multinational corporations and government agencies.

3. Executing complex global security and intelligence operations and protecting corporate assets, military installations, and national interests.

4. Developing and executing training programs for law enforcement, elite military personnel, high-profile executives, dignitaries, and celebrities.

5. Conducting complex security surveys and designing and implementing security installations for embassies, educational institutes, corporations, high-tech manufacturers, financial institutions, and private estates.
6. Developing innovative risk and crisis management software solutions.

* The names and biography of our specialists, operators, consultants, instructors, and investigators are withheld for security reasons and will be provided to verified and approved parties upon request.”

Company President / CEO (Short bio)


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