Travel Safety Consulting

The safety and security of business travelers is a responsibility that is often overlooked. A survey reported in the September, 2007 issue of the Security Director News indicated that 46% of U.S. businesses have no clear travel security policy and 80% of business travelers think that their company has legal obligation to ensure their safety. Understanding and addressing travel safety and security can significantly reduce company liability.

If you have already experienced a travel safety event and wish to prevent future occurrences or are taking a proactive approach, our travel safety consultants can help reduce exposure and potential losses.

We provide travel managers and corporate security directors an audit of existing travel safety and security practices, along with recommendations for improvements addressing specific corporate concerns and needs. Our experience with developing travel safety policies and contingency plans allows us to clearly identify strengths and weaknesses in existing programs and design a comprehensive new program if needed. Considerations include risk identification and analysis, probability and criticality factors, travel practices and routes evaluation, and the adequacy, feasibility, and cost-effectiveness of existing protection and emergency evacuation capabilities. We account for both natural and man-made risks and can develop policy and guidelines for local, regional, national and international travel risk scenarios.

In conducting an assessment, we approach the process with the idea that security needs and strategies vary form company to company, state to state, and even country to country within a company or association. We recognize the unique needs of corporate clients, along with their budget concerns. We work with corporate managers to develop a balanced, rational approach to improving travel safety and security.

Our Travel Safety Consulting Services Include:

Analysis of policies, procedures, crisis guidelines, training materials and other travel safety-related documents
Review of corporate travel security policies and procedures for both employee and executive travel
Assessment of travel record safe keeping by corporate travel vendors
Review of travel vendor management, staffing and operations
Location specific crime data review for the areas traveled
Examination of physical facilities, traffic, and related risks

Our assessment of your travel safety and security needs would help you manage assess and resources effectively and demonstrate your company's commitment to safe travel. It can also be used as evidence to reduce liability in the event of travel related litigations.

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