Executive Protection Training

The goal of the Executive Protection Specialist is to provide clients with the ability to commute, work, and live in a peaceful environment with the least impact on their privacy and freedom of operation. This task is becoming increasingly difficult when faced with the growing threats of terrorism.

Our intensive five-day, hands-on course addresses corporate anti-terrorism in a no-nonsense format. Case studies of terrorism and their lessons are taught together with kidnapping avoidance and ambush countermeasures. Route survey methods are taught together with counter surveillance techniques. Disguised and improvised weapons identification and explosive device detection are explicitly addressed.

Hiring and managing Executive Protection personnel and implementing an effective threat management and response policy will be taught together with international travel security and IP protection principles.

Unarmed combat and control tactics are practiced with the use of protective weapons. Immediate threat concepts and shoot/no shoot decision-making processes are extensively reviewed. Intrusion defense and expedient use of cover are drilled using force-on-force home simulations.

Corporate Security Workshop - CS03

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