Travel Safety Training

The global economy and international business practices require extensive travel. Many business executives are being assigned to areas of risk, exposing themselves, their families and their organizations. Our custom tailored program details the measures that must be taken to help ensure the safety of executives and corporate employees as they operate in the global marketplace.

The information taught in this program will enable clients to become active partners in their own security.

We teach participants how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to implement personal security and kidnapping countermeasures. Carjacking and hijacking survival and is taught together with terrorism awareness and airline safety. Vehicle safety and selection of rental cars is taught together with route planning and surveillance countermeasures. Privacy and IP protection is also taught with secure communication and the fundamental counter espionage. Effective responses to armed and unarmed confrontations are explicitly addressed in a no-nonsense format.

Illustrations of risk scenarios and case studies are done through videotape material, role-playing and action packed demonstrations. The curriculum can also include location specific indoctrination.

This unique program has been repeatedly featured on the Travel Channel's nationwide broadcasts of "World's Most Guarded Places".

Executive Workshop - E01